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Hello, I am Fries Reyntjens, a Belgium based artist.

In the year 2000, I got my master's degree in Fine Arts.

Since then I have been working as a graphic designer and motoring artist.

The first few years of my career bode well for a long and fruitful future. 

By skillfully manipulating the historic references, I stress the dramatic qualities of the subject. The background and nostalgic environment of the subject are equally important in creating harmony and atmosphere. My challenge is to interpret the subject and to turn it into anappealing image.

My goal is to create work that provides lasting pleasure and an artistic value, not only to motoring enthousiasts.

I freelance as an automotive artist and have accepted and completed many commissions. I have sold work to companies and private collectors in Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, 

If you have any questions, requests or if you would like to commision an artwork,

please contact Fries Reyntjens 

you can e-mail me in English, French or Dutch

Shilderijen van oude racewagens

CONTACT ME      Tel: +32 486 64 54 71

Bericht ontvangen!

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