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How to commission art

Owning a work of art is a pleasurable, sensuous experience. You may have previously purchased art or have been unsuccessful in finding what you have in mind. If that is the case, why not commission it directly from an artist. Commissioning an artist to create a work of art can be highly rewarding for both parties. The work is personal and unique, it will be specifically produced for you and will meet your requirements. Each commission will vary slightly in the steps taken from conception through to completion, as each commissioner, situation and circumstance is unique.
Below are some key points you should take into account when you commission a work of art.


  • Who or what is the work for? Is it for your home? Is it a gift?

  • Are there any constraints or special requirements?

  • Think about dimensions of the work, the space where the work will go, the purpose of the work, any materials or colours to be used?

  • What are you looking for? What kind of artwork do you like, do you prefer a particular car or scene? 

  • I can make a Photoshopped image for your to consider before the making of the artwork commences.

  • What's your budget? Does this include installation and delivery?

  • Time frame – agree a time span for the completion of the commission.

  • If requested we can arrange to meet and visit my studio or go see my work at exhibition locations.

  • Discussing the commission offers the opportunity for you to learn from the artist's specialist knowledge and to agree on the direction the work will take.

The client chose this picture from the period Mercedes SSK pictures I proposed

Then I went To Le Mans Classic to photograph his car participating at the race.

The result as this large format square painting combining the two pictures.

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